Alphacolor 'Char-Kole' Soft Pastels - Black (12pk)

Alphacolor 'Char-Kole' Soft Pastels - Black (12pk)
Plan, organize, collaborate, and share essential information and ideas with executive-style bulletin boards, whiteboards, calendar boards, easels, markers, art accessories and more from Quartet. Alphacolor Square Pastels are soft, velvety smooth pastels which blend easily for an infinite range of tones. They are ideal for paper, cloth or ceramics. This box delivers a rich black pigmentation, providing dense consistency for superior quality and versatility. This charcoal is perfect for use by artists, hobbyists and professionals alike. These pastels are safe and non-toxic and each set includes a reusable plastic tray. Alphacolor pastels are AP-approved by Art and Creative Materials Institute. Turn your thoughts into action and make a lasting impression with presentation, organizational and artist products and accessories from Quartet.
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